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Irie Diner

Caribbean Restaurant

Our Restaurant's Story

Welcome to Irie Diner, your neighborhood Caribbean restaurant! As a locally owned establishment, we take great pride in bringing you the vibrant and diverse flavors of the Caribbean. Our menu showcases a delightful array of dishes, each representing the unique tastes of different islands in the region. At Irie Diner, we believe in creating a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere that instantly transports you to the sunny shores of the Caribbean. Our commitment to quality shines through in every dish we serve, as all our food is prepared from scratch with the finest, freshest ingredients available. Our chefs are experts at infusing each meal with bold and authentic flavors, ensuring that your taste buds embark on a thrilling journey through the islands. 

We are an authentic full service Caribbean restaurant serving delicious Caribbean food. Owners Peter Jackson and Marko Bell trace their routes back to Trinidad, Tobago, and Jamaica.

Chef Marko has spent several years in the corporate world working his way up from line cook to Chef. This experience together with his Jamaican heritage has made him ready for crafting Irie Diner Caribbean Restaurant's meals. All meals are created with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our spices and exotic meats are brought in by Caribbean purveyors weekly. Peter an entrepreneur has a finance background. He has both undergraduate and post graduate qualifications in business. His strength is customer service. In total, this team loves people and loves to cook.